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Marina V.
Success Story

I am a professional singer and a piano player in my mid twenties. About 4 years ago I started having severe pain in my wrists and arms. The pain became so strong that I couldn't play piano or use a computer. I tried resting my wrists by not playing or typing but nothing seemed to help. I was terrified thinking it was a strong case of tendonitis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and that I might need surgery. I went to my general physician who did x-rays and conducted some other tests. He told me that nothing was wrong with my wrists or my arms yet the pain was barely tolerable. He referred me to a specialist, an orthopedic doctor, who also couldn't figure out what was causing such terrible pain. He offered me prescription painkillers but I didn't want to treat just the symptoms. I wanted to find and fix the actual cause of my pain.

That's when I saw an UCMG ad in Music Connection, which talked about treating musician's hands. I was skeptical, yet I had nothing to lose; the first visit and examination were free.

I came and saw Dr. Mike Pangelinan, who was not only familiar with similar problems, but was also incredibly personable and made me feel much more welcome than any other doctor I had ever seen. It turned out that the pain was caused by my improper piano playing/computer typing posture, putting additional pressure on my C-spine and my neck. After my first adjustment that day I immediately felt relief from the pain. Dr. Mike also showed me a few stretches I could do at home to help eliminate the strain on my C-spine, and the proper sitting/sleeping positions. I didn't realize how out of place my back was and after the adjustment I felt much better and healthier. When Dr. Mike found out I was a singer, he also did a series of massages to increase my lung capacity and to improve my breathing, which helped me become a stronger singer with a wider vocal range.

I have been coming to Dr. Mike on a regular basis ever since and the pain has never come back. Moreover, I've been feeling better and healthier overall. I am very grateful to Dr. Mike and everyone at UCMG and I have recommended UCMG to many of my friends. Thank you Dr. Mike and UCMG! Thank you, thank you, thank you! J

Marina V. singer/pianist/songwriter, Los Angeles


Universal City Medical Wellness Group
3535 Cahuenga Blvd. West, #208

Los Angeles, CA 90068

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