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The weather changes (a little, anyhow) in Southern California. New germs, and some old favorites, move into town, looking for a friendly face. Could you be that hapless soul?

There is little to recommend a cold or flu. They are some of the most pointless experiences, utterly lacking in redeeming social importance. Of course, medical science has not found a cure; medications are limited to reducing the yukky symptoms, as a cold takes a week or so to run through its course. In our experience, the most successful and valuable thing you can do is to prevent yourself from ever really getting it in the first place. Here's how to do it.

When you first get the thought that you might be getting sick, you go to the place at home where you keep two nutrients: Thymic Synergy and Ultra Potent-C*. Is my throat feeling a little scratchy? Am I catching something? When you find yourself asking these questions, you go for these nutrients (which I never allow myself to run out of at home; pack them when travelling too; timeliness is of the essence in this approach). You need them NOW. Finding time to get to our office the next day is often just too late. And you saturate your body and bloodstream with them. Voila! When you wake up the next morning, you say to yourself: "Wasn't I getting something?" And that's how it's done.

It is far easier to prevent yourself from getting one of these nasty bugs before it has really set up shop in your body (with billions of organisms that multiplied), than to get rid of one once it really has a hold on you. The dosage to use is typically, for an adult, fifteen of each in a day. I would take three of each at first sign of a cold or flu, and repeat three of each every hour or so the first night. Saturate your body rapidly. When it's bedtime, put them on your nightstand with a glass of water and take another dosage during the night. That's about all it takes. Hundreds of patients have told me that this has had miraculous effects for them. Cold be gone!!!

These nutrients are two of the six I recommend that you always keep at home, and never run out of, called our Nutritional Survival Kit. Ask our front desk assistant to help you get them all; they are major life-enhancers. Also ask for an explanation of how they are used.

Knowing this, you can join those of us who prevent nearly every illness. When cold and flu season comes to town, catching the unprepared, you can just laugh and know you have the big guns. There's a new marshal in town.

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