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Times occur in our lives where health problems arise: a car accident, an injury, a chronis illness that won't resolve, a diagnosos that seems to rquire on-going medication without a cure in sight. Why live with unnecassary symptoms? To enable you to find out a better approach exists to your health needs, we have devosted our energy to directly helping our community with our complimentary health pass.

FREE HEALTH PASSES: If you desire to know how we would approach your
health problem, whether its a single complaint or a long list of symptoms,
you can call in for a free Health Pass Visit. You can explain your
problems to us in consultation, have a selected group of free tests run on you
relative to your main problem. We will then explain the results
of the tests to you. This is all at no charge. If our
focused examination shows us what is causing your problem, we will explain to
you what was found. If a recommendation for treatment is in order, we will
explain it to you. We will also explain the most cost-effective way to
correct your problem.

Your Passport to Health


Best in Health,

David M. Rekar, M.D.
Medical Director


Universal City Medical Wellness Group (UCMWG) is a Multidisciplinary & Complementary Alternative Medical Group near Universal Studios, Studio City, Hollywood, North Hollywood, Burbank & Toluca Lake, in L.A.

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