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Nutritional Therapy: Invaluable Alternative Health Technology

Nutrition is the most powerful medicine. It deals with the real causes of health disorders. Great nutrition is an absolute necessity for great health. Unlike medical drugs, nutrition doesn't have serious side-effects and will not create new problems for you. If you want to evaluate how successful medicine is in creating health, consider that doctors live to only 58 years of age, whereas the average American lives to 75! Most MDs have not studied sutrition. They believe that it is a waste. And worse yet, the little nutritional information they have is usually 180 degrees wrong. Example: If you get kidney stones, your doctor is programmed to tell you to avoid calcium. Wrong! Kidney stones are a result of calcium and mineral deficiency; research shows that people with the most calcium in their diet don't get stones.

As a patient you will receive a nutrient program designed for you. It consists of those supplements that are created for the areas in which you need help. The nutritional experitise of our doctors comes from study and research in this area. Some nutrients are designed to rebuild a damaged organ or system. An example is repairing the adrenal glands with adrenal nutrients. This is a vital part of the repair of an individual's gland and hormonal system. Another example is the use of special supplements to speed healing of a torn ligament, an inflamed joint, or reverse an arthritic condition. Some supplements are used to clean-out a trashed and toxic area. Some liver and gall bladder nutrients are designed for this purpose. Enzymes can also be used to clean out damaged or abnormal tissues. Other supplements can be used to boost and supercharge a system's activity and efficiency. Immune boosting programs to wipe-out an oncoming cold are an example of this.

It is surprising how much useful information exaists on nutrition and healing. This is the reason that we stock hundreds of different nutrients. Each has special properties and applications. We can write a nutrient program that is customized for the individual: as widely ranging from chronic bladder infections to depression, from post-surgical recovery to osteoporosis, bone, tooth, and gum repair. It would stun you to see the range of conditions that effective nutritional programs exist for. When you realize the importance of nutrition as the basis for structure and function in your body, this makes sense. Myriad conditions are nutritionally caused, and are effectively assisted by nutritional therapy. However, do you think that anyone is sick for a deficiency of drugs, because their Prozac or Motrin levels have dropped too low?

Nutrition can be used to help get rid of a pneumonia, clear-up a yeast infection, even support a cancer patient. It can rebuild an underactive thyroid or repair an ulcerated stomach lining. It can pull swelling out of an injured knee, or reverse a deterioration of the optic nerve. It can stop hair that is falling out in clumps, or restore the unworking reproductive system of an infertile would-be parent. It can address pain better, without the side-effects of drugs, which will usually burn a hole in your stomach while inhibiting the actual healing process.

It is smart to ask if there is a nutritional method for a health problem that you have. And if you have a sister with hypoglycemia or a father with a heart condition, it may be wise to ask, too.

Nutrional products vary. Manufacturers are different. They use different types and qualities of raw materials. Their processing, storage, and quality control methods differ, they use different fillers and binders, etc. Effectiveness varies with differing manufacturers' products. We spend much time researching the product lines and products we choose. The bottom line is results. Of two different products with identical label data, one can be brilliantly effective, and the other worthless.

When a nutritional program is created for you stick with it. Refill nutrients when the bottle is empty, until that program is ended for you by your doctor. Take the supplements the way they are prescribed. When you think about it, it is easy to realize tha trepairing a torn-down organ typically takes several months, and is not an overright project.

You will probably run across our patient's rave success stories. Accounts of "incurable conditions" being fixed. People who had tried many things, been treated by many doctors, taken many remedies, and sometimes even nutritents before getting to us. Our great results could not be achieved across these wide range of cases and severities, without the sophisticated application of nutritional therapy.


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