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Improving Vocal Range, Tone, Clarity Through Holistic Medicine

exercising the diaphragmThere are a number of alternative medicine, chiropractic, and nutritional ways to improve a singer's performance. Sometimes limits in range, power and endurance are not even realized until they've been improved. Many vocalists report that they sing much better than they ever have in their lives after these corrections are made.

A problem affecting the diaphragm muscle, stomach, and mid-back nerves is so common in the general population as to be called an epidemic. For vocalists, it will reduce chest mobility, lung capacity and voice. Its only correction is in an advanced chiropractic technique, known by a small percentage of chiropractic doctors. When repaired, ease of breathing is restored.

In addition to correcting the above, there is another technique for muscle expansion of the diaphragm that is of great value for singers.

The capacity of the lungs to hold air can be augmented by the "lung Ventilation" technique, another little-known chiropractic procedure. Rib muscle and nerve blockages can also be corrected to greatly improve performance and capacity.

The throat and vocal cords can be brought to better function. Chronic pain, inflammation or infection can be corrected. The "Chiropractic Reflex Technique" for the throat opens up the voice, extends range for many, and improves performance. It can be especially useful before an important performance of recording session.

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