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Dr. Rekar in a ConsultationDid you know that recently it has been shown that having pets in the home may prevent the development of allergic disease? Most of these studies have been done with dogs and cats, and it is speculated that early life exposure to these animals may reduce the risk of allergies. In fact a review of eleven studies involving over 23,000 subjects revealed a protective relationship between early life exposure to pets and allergic disease. These studies were done in Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the United States. Early life exposure to dogs decreased asthma and wheezing. Five studies demonstrated decreases in allergic sensitization and seven studies revealed early life cat exposure decreased asthma, wheeze, and sensitization.

Endotoxins in the cell wall of gram-negative bacteria may provide one possible explanation. Households with pets have much higher levels of endotoxins than households without pets, thereby revealing an inverse relationship between the amount of endotoxin and later development of allergic disease. This is known as the hygiene hypothesis in which reduced exposure to microbes in cleaner homes may be associated with the later development of allergic disease. The literature suggests that the protective effect of having pets in the home is strong and consistent. Some studies demonstrate that there is a possible dose responsive relationship, i.e. that a single dog is not as protective as two or more.

Aside from the love and companionship that pets provide us with, there may be real health benefits to having them in the home. Indeed dogs have functioned as therapy dogs, lending support, comfort and love to thousands of patients in hospitals throughout the nation. It is no wonder they are called man's best friend..

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