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Our Therapeutic Exercise Facility

Our patients often need an advanced way to strengthen, heal, repair and rebuild injured or weakened areas of their bodies. Nutrition and chiropractic can often deliver miraculous results. Strengthening can be the thing that at the end brings resilience and lasting freedom from pain, malfunction and re-injury.

We have an exceptionally well-designed, equipped, and supervised rehab center. In it, we can identify exactly which areas of your body need strengthening: neck, back, hip, shoulder, knee, wrist, hand or any other area.

We start with advanced computerized muscle and motion testing equipment, heart (EKG) and breathing testing as well. You'll find unusual weight-stack equipment for back and neck, and specialized stations for extremities, restoring balance, cardiovascular exercise and stretch. The "rubber-band" rehab stations are designed to gently strengthen and restore motion to extremities: arms, shoulders, legs, knees, etc. We can tailor-make an exercise program to strengthen, rebuild, get out-of-pain, and make ready for life those areas that have been injured or are giving you chronic trouble. People who have benefited from chiropractic, therapy, or nutrition programs, can often be brought to a higher level with an advanced rehab program.

Your rehabilitative exercise program will be doctor-designed, and carefully supervised for proper application, safety and results. Our therapy assistants are caring and on top of things.

As a part of our medical corporation, most insurances, Medicare, all workers’ compensation, and accident cases cover rehab. You may be surprised to learn that insurance companies welcome rehab, because they have found it to bring lasting improvement to injured or pain-ridden individuals.

As you would expect of us this is a most advanced rehab therapy facility. It is based on carefully researched methods, designed to bring fast lasting results.



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