Posture Pump
Breakthrough in Correcting Damaged Neck Curves, Preventing and Arresting Spinal Degeneration.



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NECK PROBLEMS: They cause pain, limited movement, even seemingly unrelated problems affecting the hands, arms or shoulders. We see many patients who have lost their normal neck "C" curve. A straight ("military", it's nicknamed) neck causes very severe problems. A reversed-curve neck is even worse. Every patient that has had their neck x-rayed can easily know if the normal neck curve is there or not. Not is very bad news: Pinched nerves, degenerating spine, decaying vertebrae and discs. And usually the spinal degeneration is at the lower neck, at the important arm-shoulder-hand nerve network, eventually causing weakness, pain or numbness.

LIKE TOOTH DECAY, you may not feel it until it's really gotten pretty bad. And even then, people choose to ignore pain that comes and goes, often for years. By the time we shoot an x-ray, severe damage has often already occurred. More than half of the patients whose films I view, have spinal degeneration, some in only their 20's and 30's; it's even more common in ages 40 and up.

ENTER THE POSTURE PUMP, a breakthrough that became available in 1997. It is a new invention that enables you to restore your neck curve, and thus arrest the horrendous eventual results of spinal degeneration. A customized program of application can have your neck feeling and working better, without pain, and arresting the decay of spine and discs. It is able to be tailored to the exact curve of your neck.

BECAUSE THIS IS ON THE LEADING EDGE OF NEW TECHNOLOGY, MOST PEOPLE who need it will not even hear of it. But it is available to you now through our group, as we stay up with the latest and the state-of-the-art in our field. THIS IS A MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH FOR THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE, WHO HAVE HAD CAR ACCIDENTS, SPORTS INJURIES, ARM AND HAND PROBLEMS OR NECK PROBLEMS OF ALL TYPES.


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