Health Care Of Performers And Dancers



Rule 1:      Dancers are Athletes.  Professional athletes take VERY good care of their bodies for optimal performance.  Professional dancers should follow their example and do the same.

Rule 2:      Quality sleep is crucial to optimal performance. Athletes’ bodies NEED 6-8 hours of uninterrupted quality sleep.

Rule 3:      Listen to your bodies.  Plan for optimal performance during your performances not before or after.

Rule 4:      Drink enough water for your bodyweight and activity.


2 kinds of food: Pro-inflammatory and Anti-inflammatory

While training (rehearsing) for your performances eat appropriately.

Pro-inflammatory (BAD) foods: red meat, dairy, fried food, excess sugars and starches, peanuts

Anti-inflammatory (GOOD) foods: fish, fruit, & vegetables (french fries are considered starches and NOT vegetables!)

Neutral foods: brown rice, whole wheat (unless you’re allergic to wheat/gluten) pastas and breads, sweet potatoes, nuts (except peanuts), beans (not refried!)

Dr. Rekar in a Consultation

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