Endocrine Disorders

Glandular Repair: A Real Health Miracle


There are numerous ways to feel bad and be sick. An individual could be in pain, exhausted, or have a low sex drive. He could gain weight, have allergies, headaches or migraines. She could have a messed-up menstrual cycle, pain, excessive bleeding, irregular periods, or no period at all. A person could be infertile: abnormal sperm count and activity, or ovaries and female system that just can’t begin or hold onto a pregnancy. She could have an early or troublesome menopause, with hot flashes and organs that are drying up. Or have an immune system that can’t fight a germ for love nor money. Failing glands cause even recurrent flu, sore throats, pneumonia, asthma or deteriorating lungs. Autoimmune conditions (where the immune system attacks the body’s own tissues) can occur. Inflammatory conditions: colitis, arthritis, bronchitis, and other itis’s can drive a person nuts and ruin the quality of life.

What do the conditions listed in the last paragraph all share? Answer: the disturbance, fatigue or breakdown of the body’s glandular system. The adrenal glands, thyroid, pituitary, ovaries or testes, spleen, pancreas etc. are the endocrine glands, which secrete powerful hormones (chemical transmitter substances) into your bloodstream. glandsThey govern and prevent all the illness conditions described above, and myriad others.

Although certain glandular diseases are detected in day-to-day medical practice, the usual medical doctor seldom recognizes most. And when a recognized glandular illness is medically diagnosed, the orthodox (and only prescribed) methods of treatment are hormone drugs or surgery to remove part or the entire gland!

Your own hormones are necessary to an energetic, pain-free, healthy life, but often when administered artificially as drugs, they can have negative side effects. Among the most common of those undesirable effects is further suppressing your body’s own glands, further decreasing the already low hormones, and thus worsening the underlying problem which was the cause of the whole mess in the first place. The worst of these drug side effects can result in addiction to the hormone, and atrophy of the body’s own glands. And many times, despite the cortisone or thyroxin therapy, the person continues to both be and feel ill.

Painkillers, anti-inflammatories
, anti-histamines, water-pills and hormones may be used painkillers & anti-inflammatoriesto cover up the symptoms, but do not correct the cause. Could there be a way to repair a poorly functioning or torn-down gland system? Could you get a body to begin producing hormones in correct amounts to make a person be and feel well? Could this be done without the side effects of drugs or the permanent damage of surgery?

A small niche in natural health-care
has focused on this area of paramount importance. It has always been the focus of our office. Patients have generated myriad success stories on their health restoration; most often this was achieved by restoring their gland systems. How was this achieved?

New methods for testing
glandular malfunctions have evolved from Applied Kinesiology, the chiropractic specialty that developed muscle testing as a diagnostic method. We use these methods to get rapid information on your gland health. By combining hands-on chiropractic procedures that restore nerve communication to glands, together with nutritional supplements designed to re-activate and rebuild damaged glands, we are able to help thousands of people to achieve health. Both of these methods must be utilized together correctly to get a speedy return to health; they activate each other and are able to do much more when done together than either done alone. (The chiropractic and nutrition are synergists.) The patients range from mildly ill, to near terminal malfunction. Literally lives are saved, and the quality of life revolutionarily improved.

In a chronic health problem, when medications have been prescribed for "management" of symptoms, with no talk of cure, wouldn’t it be intelligent to discover if a glandular malfunction is the real underlying cause?

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