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Anti-aging: A Love Story

Anti-Aging Medicine is something you've just got to love. What is it?

ANTI-AGING MEDICINE encompasses and includes EVERYTHING scientific and workable that extends our useful, enjoyable, creative, healthy, functional, active, juicy life as years pass, and as we age. It is not limited to one system of the body or to one approach. It is the study of living LONGER, while living BETTER. It is not just the approach to REJUVENATING THE HORMONES in your body, although that is one of the primary systems that is focused on.

BRAIN disease prevention, reversal and cure, breakthroughs in HEART disease and stroke, and new technologies in CANCER, are a few of the major arenas of data explosion. NUTRITION ADVANCES have the attention of all anti-aging physicians.

Also the importance of keeping your JOINTS, KNEES, HIPS, SPINE AND NERVES functioning, your cartilage and discs from degenerating, and your ability to stay active and mobile are a key to anti-aging. As leaders in nutrition, chiropractic, therapy, advanced healing methods and lifestyle education for over 20 years, each of these areas that are "new" to medicine are already our natural direction to provide state-of-the art anti-aging methods to you.

GLAND AND HORMONAL ANTI-AGING APPROACHES Your gland system "crashes and burns" from age 30 onward. It goes down with each passing decade, producing less of the key hormones that keep us active, attractive, sexual, energetic, strong and feeling truly A-L-I-V-E. Human Growth Hormone is one that you will hear much about. It is a major
(pituitary gland) hormone of youth, keeping your lean muscle mass up, your energy, sexual performance, heart and organ health, immune function, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood fats, bones, skin and hair, wrinkles, injury healing, joints and arthritis, vision
and senses, memory and sleep youthful. It does even more than that.

As we each age, from age 20 on, Human Growth Hormone crashes like a stone, reducing to one-half between the ages of 20 and 40, and then steadily descends over the
following decades till death. The only methods or products you can be sure you're
spending smart money on are the ones where REAL SCIENCE has been done. Since tests are easy to run, if the science isn't there, you can bet you don't have a winner. I've been doing extensive research for you over the last year, and developed the methods that
actually are proven to work. Human Growth Hormone can best be improved when the
other underlying hormones are returned to their correct youthful healthy ranges. That includes the hormones of the adrenal glands (Stress and blood sugar!) and the sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone), and other hormones too (DHEA,
Melatonin, etc.)

Now we have developed the most advanced ways to test ALL these important hormones, cost-effectively, and plan a customized and very inexpensive anti-aging hormonal program for you. Then you can do what I've done for myself: return your
hormones back to the levels of a healthy 20-year-old, without utilizing harmful, risky or expensive methods. All of this is done with a custom formulated cream (with unique natural herbs and gland restorers) that vanishes into your skin. This is often used with some
individually prescribed nutritional products. No injections! Saliva tests give us most of the important and detailed hormone information. If you want to know what it is to feel young and juicy again, you will need to learn about this unique program through our Universal City Medical Group.

You can extend the length and quality of your life when you:
1) avoid the major killers: heart, blood system disease and stroke, and cancer.

2) apply the known methods to prevent dietary destruction, including preventing diabetes, which is the U.S.' most expensive health condition.

3) reverse aging by keeping/restoring your hormones to levels found in your youth, (for both men and women, and very essential to those in menopause).

4) maintain your brain, mental faculties, memory and emotional balance.

5) stay active with healthy joints, spine and nerves, while remaining pain-free.

6) maintain your physical activity levels with appropriate exercise that keeps your systems, heart and lean muscles toned.

7) keep your mouth, gums and digestive tract healthy and not falling apart,.

8) maintain your body so that it repairs, defends itself with top-flight immunity, stays in good order, and avoids infections, cancer, and degeneration.

Then you begin to grasp the larger thrust of anti-aging and its achievable purposes; and you'll understand our dedication to this are of health delivery.
And that's something you've just got to love!

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