Treatment After A Car Accident

3 Goals In One Car Accident

You could be in a car, on a bike or motorcycle or even walking. You get injured. After the accident, your neck, spine or other areas of your body are in pain. They don't move right. You finally decide to wait it out a bit, see if it just goes away on its own. (This can be a bad idea because the insurance companies will argue that if you were hurt, why didn't you have a doctor look at you sooner? That's not an insurmountable argument.   However it's a good idea to get checked by a QUALIFIED doctor more promptly.)   The pain either did go away or didn't on its own.  Did go away: that's good!  Not necessarily. 

Why?  Everyday in my office a patient comes in with a problem.  My head aches, my neck hurts, or my arm, shoulder or hand is painful or numb.  We take an X-ray.  The neck shows advanced degeneration of the spine, right in the area where whiplashes take place. 

""Did you have a car accident over 10 years ago?", we'll ask.  Sometimes the answer is "Yes".  Sometimes, "I don't remember."  Or, "Ive had some little ones, but none without any real injuries."

"Did you play ball in school, football, gymnastics, boxing, contact sports?"  The repetitive impact of theses activities is another ticket to the whiplash ride. 

But the evidence of real injury is definitely there on the X-ray.  Black and white.  No denying it.  And without taking the X-ray, you would never know that a degenerating spine and disc were ticking away, to cause worsening nerve problems as time goes on. 

For this reason I have my own spine X-rayed every 7 years just because I'm alive.  I want to see how my own rough and tumble life are holding up with the preventive things I do to keep my spine as young as the rest of me.  And I recommend the same to my patients.  Someone who reads the X-rays, and EXPLAINS them to you is also essential.  If they didn't do that, why take the film at all?

"How can I have a degenerating disc and vertebra?  Ive been seeing chiropractors for years.  But I've never seen an X-ray."


1) Get you out of pain as fast as possible.  Or get any other symptoms cleared up: limited movement, numbness, weakness, etc.

2.) Follow through with all the RIGHT treatment so that the area is actually fully repaired. What repairs?  Ligaments that are "micro-torn" need to heal IN THE RIGHT PLACE.  Their cells are torn up but the whole ligament is not torn off.  It's stretched and injured.  This is the area that will "heal".  But if it heals in the wrong place, where it just happens to be after an accident, that's where it will remain.  Just like a bone that's not aligned, not "set" after it's been broken.  That broken bone will "heal", of course, but exactly in the position it is in.  If it heals at the wrong angle, it will remain there forever unless its corrected. SO THAT:

3.) You will not have things healing "just a little out of place."  Just a little is all there is to  starting a degenerative joint on its descent to its own hell.  Year after year it gets a little worse, until a person is only 35, 45, or 55 years old and some discs are more than half gone, and they are on track to lose it all!  We live too long to be able to enjoy that. 

Our three goals are short-term (Relief), Medium-term (complete correction), so that Long-term you can have a spine (or other joints) that you CAN live with, not a degenerative arthritic mess.  So you can have a functional spine that lets your nerves carry their signals fully and normally: daytime, sleep time, all the time. 

P.S.  You would love to use our BRANT NEW back and neck rehabilitation system.  You've never been on anything quite like this, and it FEELS GREAT!


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