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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Dr. Rekar in a Consultation Some people are terribly exhausted. They just can't get their energy going. Some were born that way and never had
much get up and go. Some got that way at a certain point in life. For some, a particular event, an illness, a highly
stressful time, a divorce, or a death marked the start of never-ending exhaustion. Some got tired gradually; exhaustion
seemed to just creep up on them.

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Regardless, when a person is just wiped out, life is very difficult. There's so much that needs to get done, and a horribly fatigued individual may find it very difficult, maybe impossible to keep up. They can consult a doctor, and he gives their condition a name: "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome." If a cause is found (but often none is) then a treatment for it could commence. If the person tests positive for the "Epstein Barr Virus" (similar to mononucleosis, the "kissing disease", that causes people to sometimes be exhausted "permanently") then that person's diagnosis changes to EBV (Epstein Barr Virus).

There's a funny thing about doctors, and patients too. They like to have a name for things. "Oh, I have chronic fatigue syndrome." The diagnosis tells them nothing they didn't know already: they know they're fatigued. But somehow the doctor and the patient feel more comfortable giving a name to something even when it offers not one bit of help, no understanding of the cause of the problem, nor any workable approach to treat it, let alone cure it.

Fifty percent of all the named diseases are listed as "cause unknown". Of course if you and your doctor don't know the cause, how could you hope to really fix the problem?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is just such a "comfortiagnosis". If naming your problem, even by just rephrasing it, helps you feel a bit more comfortable, well there you go. Doctors providing such a diagnosis most often offer silly or damaging treatments. They could decide to drug you with anti-depressants. (The TV ads would have us believe we'd all be better off on those!) They could give you stimulants. But all the drugs they can choose from are generally ineffective, non-curative, and all have side-effects that you would never wish to have.

We've treated chronic fatigue patients successfully again and again. How? By treating the real cause of the fatigue. There are many things that must be checked to get to the bottom of this problem. And there are more than a few possibilities. I'll mention a few of the most common here.

The individual with exhausted adrenal glands, and therefore tired hormones and up-and-down blood sugar leads the pack. The man who first published his research on the adrenals, exhaustion, stress, blood-sugar (brain and body fuel) and more, won the Nobel Prize for it. Yet most doctors completely blow it in recognizing or correcting adrenal problems. Like so much in medicine, the answer MUST be drugs. YET NO ONE I'VE EVER MET HAS ADRENAL EXHAUSTION CAUSED BY A DRUG DEFICIENCY.

This subject is usually vital to the chronically fatigued, and I invite you to ask for a free copy of our video class on this subject. There's much for you to learn about it and it takes more than a few minutes of discussion to do it justice.

Sometimes the person has already figured out that they have worn-out adrenal glands. They've already tried things, and they've already taken nutrition for their adrenals. What more could they do? They just haven't done the exact right things needed to fix the problem and get the result. A little knowledge, or almost the right thing, usually isn't enough. Then they often need to call on our experience, with over a quarter century of research and results in treating chronic fatigue, exhausted adrenals and related problems.

A blockage of nerve energy will cause exhaustion. It can rob the blood flow to the brain, causing numerous brain-related complaints : fatigue, or dizziness, or headaches, or many more. Pinched nerves to the blood flow of the brain are very common.

The other day I met a great guy, owner of a pet shop. He had been exhausted, dizzy and depressed for years. His doctor had him on an arm-load of medications, but it didn't improve him. He wasn't even sure any more why he was taking all that stuff.

I checked him out, and sure enough, he had pressure at the base of his brain from a misaligned neck and skull. He didn't feel that. He hadn't a clue that problem was there. He just had all the brain symptoms. In one treatment (adjustment of those misaligned structures) he made a huge improvement.

Some need a nerve system overhaul. They have pinched nerves from accidents, sports, stress or other causes. Some haven't given their brain and nerves the nourishment they've needed for years.

Other causes too could be yours. Some have low-grade infections that have never been beaten. A person can harbor a low-grade bacterial infection that keeps their energy system wasted. Their weak immune system just can't get the upper hand against the germs. Sometimes the parson has a chronic virus that won't let them get their energy in gear. An example of this is Epstein Barr Virus.

Some need a hormonal overhaul. Other glands are worn out, and could be naturally repaired and rebuilt. Thyroid testosterone, female hormones, immune system glands are each possible culprits in chronic fatigue.

If you're really tired of being tired, then consult someone who has experience in actually getting to the bottom of these problems and correcting them!

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