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Our patients often need help with an horrendous problem: infection, blockage, “post-nasal drip” drainage, pain or headaches caused by their sinuses. They may have already tried many approaches and consulted several doctors and specialists. Everything they had tried, over months or even years, had failed. They’ve usually taken antibiotics, often several times
and different types. To everyone’s surprise, they never got well and stayed well.

The New England Journal of Medicine (probably the most respected medical journal in the world) published a very large study which explained their lack of results. People with sinus infections responded no better to antibiotics than they did to sugar pills! Antibiotics really don’t work. Despite this fact, doctors still prescribe them regularly to no avail. In this researcher’s opinion, the reason is that the sinuses just can’t get the antibiotics to where the germs lie…there is no blood INTO the sinuses. Rather, they are just swimming pools of mucous, a bowl of food for germs, with no capillaries into their greater areas. So a different approach than antibiotics, one that works, is what’s needed. Some have even had sinus surgery, a “roto rooter” job to enlarge and straighten out the deviated or blocked passages of the nose and sinus. After post-op recovery, although the passages were cleaned, the
infection and inflammation symptoms often persist, as bad as ever they were. So the sinus sufferers continue in pain, sometimes feeling drained of energy and never quite well.
Yet over and again we get sinus sufferers well in record time, often in less than a few weeks, sometimes in mere days. What do we do that is so different?

Using “kinesiology” (the method using muscle testing), we first learn WHAT we have to deal with. It does vary from one person to the next. Then we proceed to correct the exact problems discovered. Often it involves using the right herbs and nutrients. Often a most important step is changing the “snot” (highly technical term) itself with the right herbs.
The path to success is to get the exact nutrient for the type of sinus infection or inflammation that the patient has.
A type of sinus irrigation, using an attachment for a “Water Pik” type device, that we have on hand in our office for your at-home use, can be invaluable. Gently flushing the sinuses with sea-salt water gets the little germs where they live. Sometimes, as you might expect, the adrenal glands are co-conspirators in the drama. We test them, and if involved, fix them. That will often be invaluable to the inflammatory component of this problem: the
“itis” of “sinusitis”.
Most patients who employ our approach are amazed that they could actually rapidly fix a problem that has lasted so long and kept them so miserable.

For pain and symptoms that most often elude the best that medicine has offered, the natural approach, done correctly and exactly for what is wrong with the individual patient who suffers, is nothing short of a miracle.


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