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So many health problems can source from allergies, from the obvious hay fever and hives and rashes, to many less apparent. Sensitivities to foods can be horrible. Many times the person hasn't even figured out which foods or substances are triggering the problems.

Allergies can exist to chemicals, metals, to bugs and their stings. To mercury in your fillings, smog, sugar, wheat, or eggs. The possible list is extremely long. And somebody somewhere has a sensitivity to even the most obscure.

"Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" patients often have severe allergic components to their health misery. Asthma patients also may need help with their allergies.
You may have tried lots of doctors and lots of approaches. Antihistamine drugs. Cortisone creams. Avoidance diets. Air filters. You name it. Somehow, these procedures don't cut it most of the time. The problem still comes back. They won't make it better. The drug relief is temporary, if at all. Even the testing methods are patchy. Scratch tests and other medical allergy tests are hard to get reliable results from. And if the allergy is identified correctly, what can you do?

Three internal organs should be checked for malfunction, the adrenal glands, pancreas and liver. When the adrenals are tired out, they don't produce enough cortisone, the body's own anti-allergy, anti-inflammation hormone. Then an adrenal health correction program will bring miraculous (and lasting) improvement. This is true even for asthma sufferers.

The pancreas' enzymes and the liver's chemical functions can cause food allergies. A repair (including nutritional supplementation) program can be a lifesaver here too.

A huge breakthrough occurred with the development of the Allergy Elimination Technique. Dr. Devi Nambudripad (Doctor of Chiropractic and of Acupuncture both) was herself crippled by horrible food and substance allergies. Her miserable health prompted her to research and develop a technique to clear allergies out of the human body. It is nicknamed NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique).

We have use this technique with our patients. The results have often been startling. Patients who have had several of these allergy treatments with NAET go on and on about how their whole lives have changed. Many have begged me to tell more people about this revolutionary technique, and the answer it provides to many sick and exhausted patients.

If you have the suspicion that this technique could well be applied to you, the first step is to look through Dr. Devi's book "Say Goodbye to Illness", which we carry for you at our office. Then we can discuss the application of the technique to your health, which allergens (substances a person is allergic to) will be tested first, and how we clear them.

The NAET procedure is non-invasive. There are no needles or scratch tests. It is safe and uses no drugs or chemicals.

This approach is designed to clear out allergies, not just cover them up (as drugs try to do). It is to eliminate allergies, not to have you avoid foods and other substances for your whole life! It is far more valuable to actually clear up a problem, than just to "manage it" with medications and temporary measures.

When an allergic person says goodbye to allergies, it is often an invaluable step in saying goodbye to illness.


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