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Every day we rely on our digestive system to get the raw materials to us to build and fuel our bodies. Yet millions of us are plagued with digestive malfunctions that result in discomfort and illness.
Digestive problems can come from various organs. In general, if you can restore the organ to normal function, you would be far better off than with drugs that only cover-up, kill pain, tranquilize or artificially alter the digestive process.

Stomach problems can include heartburn, ulcer, gas, pressure, bloating, incomplete food digestion, and other symptoms. The body must use stomach acid (hydrochloric) to break foods down for digestion. Antacids alone cause new problems. If antacids dilute stomach acid, you cannot fully digest. Calcium, iron, and protein are three examples of essential nutrients that can only be digested and assimilated if there is strong stomach acid. If there is an "acid stomach" it is better to repair the stomach lining than eliminate the acid. There are specially formulated nutritional supplements for this purpose. Medications that cover up your symptoms or "tranquilize" the stomach, do not cure the problem, but you may expect to use them forever for symptom relief only. These medications also have side-effects which worsen other body tissues, the longer you use them.

Hiatal Hernia is a very common problem that responds best to a specialized form of chiropractic adjustment. A hiatal hernia is typically where the top of the stomach, and the stomach valve is jammed in the diaphragm muscle. It is originally caused by a compressed nerve in the area of the back in between the shoulder blades. Hiatal hernias cause multiple stomach, chest, heart and digestive complaints. In very severe cases, when food jams on the way down or stomach acid flashes back up past the paralyzed valve ("reflux") and burns the food tube, a person may be told by their doctors to sleep sitting up! A test from Applied Kinesiology, the chiropractic specialty that developed muscle-testing as a diagnostic method, can detect a hiatal hernia which is causing indigestion, chest or heart pain. Then hands-on adjustment of the stomach, diaphragm, AND spinal nerve areas will deliver both relief of symptoms, and a real cure to most hiatal hernia sufferers.

Ulcers of the stomach or duodenum (small intestine) occur where the stomach lining is eaten-through by the body’s own stomach acid. Medically, stomach tranquilizers and antacids and antibiotics are used to treat the problem; if a cure happens, it’s a miracle. The ulcer patient may expect to take their medications the rest of their life, having, of course, to live with the side-effects on the body’s biochemistry. By correcting nerves to the stomach chiropractically, improving the adrenal glands, and using stomach-lining repair nutrients our approach deals with correcting the cause of the problem. Then the damaged tissue is repaired, and the problem is gone. That is the difference between medical management of a condition and correction of it.

Colon (large intestine) problems including colitis, Krohn’s disease, constipation, diarrhea, bleeding, gas, bloating and toxicity respond usually beautifully to the correct natural approach. Implementing the proper nutrients for colon-lining health, fiber, friendly bacterial flora, cleansing of garbaged-up membranes and correcting nerve problems of the low back, which sends the nerves to the colon and controls the colon’s muscle activity can be crucial to reestablishing health to a sick or irritated large intestine.

Gall Bladder problems, congestion, even stones can respond to very specific hands-on chiropractic adjustments, and nutritional products formulated for gall bladder health.

Other Organs of Digestion (pancreas, liver, small intestine, etc.) all can respond to the proper natural therapy. Chiropractic adjustments, nutrition, herbs, etc. are specifically designed for numerous digestive malfunctions, imbalances, and organ diseases. The results are regularly excellent.

Digestion is a natural essential process of life and health. It only makes sense that there are natural methods that can restore it to normal when we have done things that cause it to become sick.


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