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What Is "The Happiness Practice"?

We start as good folks who want to help you. Our staff are working to better themselves, to constantly learn how to better serve you.

We decided some years ago that we would subscribe to the concept of a “Happiness Practice”. That means we want you to be happy, and we would like to be happy too!

To be of use in health we need to forge a workable team. You, the patient, the doctors, and the staff should work together to help you get well. We team up to optimize your health.

We pledged that our patients deserve to be happy, and that the staff and doctors deserve to be happy too.

Our clinic wants people who want results, who commit their agreement and efforts to helping themselves. We want people who can forge what’s required to get where they may not have been able to get to before.

If you want to be on YOUR team, let us know. And if you want us on it, we would love to help you.

For the few that make the job tough, to whom cooperation and appreciation never arrive, and let rudeness suffice, the good efforts and sanity of those working to help are not promised to be sacrificed.

We know that pain and illness can make life take a different hue. We’re not talking about that. We can understand and allow for painful times.

It can sometimes be a tough world, but let’s each do what we can to make the world right around us a happy place.


Universal City Medical Wellness Group (UCMWG) is a Multidisciplinary & Complementary Alternative Medical Group near Universal Studios, Studio City, Hollywood, North Hollywood, Burbank & Toluca Lake, in L.A.

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