Knee injuries can be a real drag. You need your knees to walk, run, and for virtually all physical and athletic activities. Just getting around requires healthy functioning knees. Since being able to exercise is one of the crucial factors to staying healthy; knee injuries can actually shorten life and erode health, as well as lessen the quality of it. One of the most complicated joints in the body for its number of ligaments, the knee is also one of the most frequent to be injured or become degenerated or arthritic.
Knees can be injured in sports injuries and twisting-force injuries. Skiing, basketball or football, sometimes just stepping out of a car wrong, or into a pothole, can result in a knee injury.
Ligaments (the tissues that hold joints together and limit their range of motion) can be micro-torn, "sprained", or damaged. Pain, swelling, and inability to use them normally, results in a feeling of being partially crippled. Ligament "sprains" are amongst the most-underrated and poorly diagnosed and treated injuries. Ligament injury will often have life-long and degenerative consequences when not properly and thoroughly treated.
In the most severe injuries the cartilages (meniscus: medial and lateral, the two pads that fit inside the knee between the thighbone and lower leg bone) can be torn. Since the meniscus is one of only two tissues that do not receive a direct blood supply in an adult body, they are exceptionally slow to heal. Many physicians and surgeons believe "cartilages never heal". Meniscus injuries are routinely thought by surgeons to require surgery (arthroscopic is the most common type currently employed).
Due to the latest research on the non-surgical correction and healing of knee injuries, most patients actually do not require surgery, and do better without it. We utilize that up-to-date research in the correction of our patients' knee complaints.
We can test your knee to determine what is wrong with it, using the sophisticated and accurate techniques we have pioneered. Our method to painlessly correct the knee, and all of its components, often brings miraculous results. Many times, after months of pain and debility, the patient gets up onto his knee after the first treatment, with the pain reduced and motion restored.
and debility, the patient gets up onto his knee after the first treatment, with the pain reduced and motion restored.
Nutritional supplements made for the repair of soft tissue can be used to heal ligament and cartilage. They are also natural pain-relievers that don't have the side effect that medications do.
Weakness in the knee, and pain are often contributed to by weak adrenal glands. The adrenals are on the same nerve circuits as your inner thigh muscles which stabilize the knee. Weakened adrenal glands (and low blood sugar) often result in weak inner knees. That weakness makes injury more likely to occur. Once the knee is hurt, it also impairs the speed of healing. Strengthening the adrenals quickens knee healing, increases stamina and prevents future knee re-injury. Even arthritic knees with cartilages all but gone, have done well with our advanced health approach and our techniques. Patients who were told that their only option was knee surgery are now active and pain-free again without the surgery. We also have methods for patients who underwent surgery and who still didn't get the result they hoped for there. That is not an uncommon outcome. After our treatment they finally achieved the pain relief and ability to perform athletically that they sought.
As a person who tore my own medial meniscus cartilage in a severe knee accident (skiing) and who healed it without surgery, I can offer my personal experience that it is the preferable route. I can perform just as well athletically on my knee that was injured as on the one that wasn't!
If you have a knee injury or arthritis, consult us about your options for getting it properly returned to health.

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