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The other day an old friend called me up. In the course of our conversation he mentioned that having been forced to retire, and for a few other apparent reasons he found himself constantly depressed. I mentioned that there were some nutrients when taken in correct dosages had been near miraculous in making depression vanish. He took only one nutrient and in less than a week felt un-depressed. He was amazed; I wasn’t. I suggested he get some counseling to get a direction in life going again, as retirement wasn’t really his choice, or agreeing well with him.

A patient of mine with a stressful job, a dying mother and relationship crises, told me she was horribly depressed. I put her on the two supplements she needed and in less than a week she felt immensely better and emotionally more stable. Her depression had lifted. She was happy to stop taking Prozac.

Depression often needs to be dealt with physically, and nutritional healing is, in my opinion, far preferable to anti-depressant drugs or just living depressed. When nutrition can do the job it is less expensive and without the harm of drugs. This alternative medicine approach has a more beneficial effect, and none of the side effects of Prozac and other anti-depressant drugs (lack of emotions, dead sex drive, to name only two that are well documented).

Another key factor in many depressed people is nerve malfunction. Chiropractic techniques often can correct pain, nerve signal "scrambling", and generate well being and improved resilience to stress. These hands-on techniques can do wonders for depressed individuals.

Depression also may have an underlying mental or spiritual component, that when confronted and dealt with, makes life enjoyable again. Drugs, as in so many cases, can only partially cover up problems, without actually resolving them. I know which approach I would choose.




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