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Normal For Once In My Life
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Thank You For Saving My Life
There's A Whole New Me
Thought Pain Was Normal
To Those Who Want Children
Vertigo Relieved
Wheezing & Adrenal Exhaustion
Younger Than Ever


There's a Whole New Me


I had a list of problems, a few of which had made me miserable for most of my life and for which conventional medicine could do nothing such as the stiffness in my neck and spine which gave me frequent back aches, headaches and limited my range of movement. My left elbow radiated pain from head to toe and I had "floating" ribs. I named it myself to describe what could happen unexpectedly with the slightest movement, even while driving. A rib would move out of place and be very painful. Sometimes I would need to pull over and get out of the car. A hiatal hernia caused frequent heartburn and my dry eyes got so bad I was avoiding reading, an activity which made them worse. Dry eyes feel like sandpaper and can be very painful. And I was totally exhausted every day beginning around 3:00 p.m.

I found Dr. Arlo Gordin and staff of wonderful doctors. My spine has new flexibility; my ribs rarely "float" and if they do the pain is mild and short lived. Headaches are rare; heartburn is gone and I can read again thanks to the appropriate supplements for my eyes.

I have so much more energy and people tell me I look really healthy. I used to live a very sedentary life. Now I took up ballroom dancing and Pilates exercise. With the treatment I received here I have accomplished new advanced levels in both of these areas and just added hiking to my list of physical activities. There's a whole new and younger me. I am forever grateful to you.



I Thought Pain Was Normal


I originally came to Dr. Gordin's office because my business partner was always telling me about his successes with chiropractic. Well he finally convinced me, so I came in for an examination.

It has been approximately three months since my first adjustment and I feel great! It amazes me now that I look back . . . I thought it was normal to have lower, middle and upper back pain periodically. I thought everyone had sinus problems due to the pollen and pollution that tends to be in abundance here in Southern California. I thought it was normal to get heart burn. Well . . . I could go on, but the bottom line is, I have handled most of these problems through the adjustments and nutrients.

I never knew I could feel so great again and I just want to thank all of you here who have made all this possible!

I will always recommend your office and services to anyone who is in need of help with their body.



In 1986 I worked for Dr. Gordin in an administrative/receptionist position. I didn't know anything about chiropractic.

At the time I was seeing a Medical Doctor for a cyst on my ovary and chronic bladder trouble that had annoyed me since the age of eight. And I had ten years of inability to have children. Plus, the M.D. stated that he needed to remove my ovaries.

Two adjustments from Dr. Gordin handled my bladder trouble and cyst. Supplements for the uterus, ovaries and my adrenal glands handled the inability to have children.

Since 1986 I've given birth to three children. All three of these pregnancies occurred with one fallopian tube and the other tube scarred. The help from Dr. Gordin was miraculous and I am very grateful. All of the births were natural and two of them, my husband delivered. The first of the three was born four hours after Dr. Gordin gave me a special adjustment for women ready to deliver. The last baby's entire labor and delivery was done in one hour.



Vertigo Relieved


I walked into Dr. Gordin's office with a problem that ten to fifteen doctors were stumped with. I had vertigo so severely I felt the floor could at any second drop out from under me. I felt like the ground was just floating. The walls moved, the floor moved, everything was rocking like a boat. Mentally I was a vegetable. I had depression to the point of hospitalization. After twelve years with anxiety, terrible mental problems, vomiting between three and twenty-five times a day, I had lost hope. Jobs, relationships, etc., etc., ruined; $50,000 in medical bills; I came to Dr. Gordin.

In four days of treatments, I can't believe the change in me. Dizziness gone up to seventy percent. Mentally I'm starting to feel happy. My senses are returning to normal. No other doctor even thought of a pinched nerve, etc. In four days of treatment I'm shocked at my recovery! Thanks, Dr. Gordin and staff!

For those who are coming in for the first time, you did the right thing!



When my daughter, Crystal was one and a half years old she started wheezing badly and the pediatrician put her on asthma medication. It was horrible stuff and I literally had to hold her down and pour the stuff down her throat. I told the pediatrician that this was unacceptable and that I needed a better solution. He didn't have one.

A friend told me about Dr. Gordin and I brought my daughter in. Dr. Gordin treated her and gave her some supplements for adrenal exhaustion. She wheezed once that week and never wheezed again. She is almost seven now!

I am extremely grateful for this. Thank you Dr. Gordin.



I used to think that I was stuck in having body pain as part of my existence. Now I know, at 64 years old, that this was a lie and I now feel more like 46 or 50 instead of 64. The body aches and pains have left almost like a miracle. I can use my arms, lift, bend like the old days.

Dr. Gordin and the ionized miracle supplements have turned my life around.

After one week on these miracle supplements my nails, which were short and kept splitting and cracking, started to grow. Now I have one and a half inch nails with no cracks or breaks. My hair, which has always been fine and dry and straight is now turning back to it's original color (the gray is fading out) and it's becoming curly - which I always wanted.

I got a new job, with all this abundance of energy and am set up to make more money in the next four and a half months than I have made all year. Also, I have found my eyesight changing for the better and I keep taking my glasses off to see things that before I could hardly see with glasses on.

Life is going well for me and I find myself looking with excitement at life and for new things I can do.




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