Syndrome X

"Syndrome X", a Real Serial Killer:

The Most Important Issue in Health
Many of you still haven't even heard of "Syndrome X". Most don't know enough about insulin, blood sugar, and its wide-ranging effects on life (and it's calamitous causes of misery and death). This is presently the most important issue in health for all human beings.

To cover this vastly important subject in a short piece is a challenge. Our health workshop is pressed to cover it thoroughly in an evening.
Simply: if you eat too much (usually of carbs) sugars, or starches, at meals or snacks, your body is compelled to produce a bunch of insulin, from your pancreas into your blood, to "handle" your rising blood sugar.

Handle it, unfortunately, it really can't. As a result, insulin goes very high (in your blood and in your cells), and circulating sugar in your blood does too.
Often times, though not always, the individual's stomach will get bigger, fatter. An enlarged waistline is the usual marker of Syndrome X. The person is in trouble, and over time that trouble worsens. Energy problems and fatigue are typical early signs.

Insulin is not a hormone you want to see rise to higher levels. Insulin causes things we don't want to happen. It causes your body to build cholesterol. That's right: build it! You can be on a cholesterol-free, fat-free diet, and have soaring blood cholesterol.
Why? Because in the presence elevated insulin, the body makes cholesterol out of sugar or starch. It makes it out of granola, carrot juice, rice, beer, wine or bread!

And although avoiding eating cholesterol does not guarantee that your blood won't have too much cholesterol, you certainly don't want to have too much in your blood. Why? Cholesterol in the blood forms the base of plaques, the junk that clogs arteries. They then break off and cause heart attacks and strokes. Did you notice the top two causes of death were named in the last sentence?
As if that weren't enough! Insulin is the fat-storing hormone. That's why it makes us fatter (usually). Thus the increasing waist-size. Watch that belt! It also diminishes oxygen flows and has wide-ranging hormonal effects. People with blood sugar problems (that's another way of describing all this), usually compromise their adrenal glands, too. That opens another Pandora's Box.

A quick summary of low adrenal function: Headaches, pains, aches, arthritis, inflammatory and auto-immune disorders, weak or injured knees, fatigue, lowered immunity, fuzzy thinking, memory loss, depression, chronic inflammations like colitis and dermatitis. And that list isn't near complete!

Not important enough a subject to interest you? Rising insulin levels mean that you are on a path that, taken to its end, is the place called "Diabetes". Most doctors still erroneously believe that diabetes is something one day you don't have, and the next, "Poof", you do. That's not the least bit true.

Diabetes ("adult onset") is caused usually over years. There are new tests that tell where one is on that road. Testing your fasting blood insulin is one. When problems are occurring, it's too high. Another is the HgA1C test that sees how "caramelized" your red blood cells are from the sugar they are bathed in over their 120-day lives.
8% of Americans are now diabetics, and still that number is steadily rising. Diabetes is an epidemic problem. It's one end-effect of Syndrome X, (rising blood sugar and high insulin). It's a catastrophic disease, very destructive and deadly. It still causes blindness, nerve destruction, kidney failure, and more. Because it is the extreme end of Syndrome X, it comes with all the deadly other consequences spoken of earlier. It is the most expensive disease for an HMO to pay to treat! There are new breakthroughs in treating Diabetes used in our office, which most doctors haven't learned of yet.

If Syndrome X only covered the cause of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes it would be the most important subject in medicine. Since those three represent less than half of the total list of effects caused (although the most deadly three), the subject is much more important than even that.

Does it surprise you as much as me that most doctors still are not competent nutritionists? That they don't know how to test for, prevent, or correct Syndrome X? When this is the real scientifically proven cause of most of doctors' daily work, (and the cause of early summoning of the mortician too)? We each need to learn how to eat right. And exercise right. As well as exercise our (often not easy) discipline to not overeat. And to know how much carbs we need, and limit them. We also need to monitor the size of our waistlines.
To learn more, may I invite you to a couple of my seminars: Energy and Blood Sugar, and The Zone Made EZ? The price is still compellingly low; they're free! I would like my friends to live happily and healthily, and I believe that education is the most needed element to improve the lives of all human beings.


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