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Patients constantly ask questions of us, how should I eat, sleep, lift, get out of a bed, work at a computer, exercise, etc. We are always happy to answer. We also have for you the most comprehensive and complete patient education materials that will help you recover and live an optimally healthy life.

Personalized video education is provided to you in our
education center where it would help you understand what is needed for your health.

Our clinic has been known to actively deliver health information to our patients in the form of weekly health seminars videos.

Here is some of the material we cover:

1. TOTAL HEALTH: You gain an understanding of good decision-making in your health care. Dr. Pangelinan covers spinal health, nerve system health, prescription drugs vs. nutritional medicine, and other natural health strategies. We put back and nerve health into perspective. We cover the interrelationship of diet, nutrient support, exercise, sleep, and positive mental attitude to creating health, maintaining it, or restoring it when pained, sick, or otherwise malfunctioning.

2. GLANDS AND HORMONES: Dr. Pangelinan deals with the crucial hormone system that regulates health, sex, energy, immunity, and well-being. We teach how to fix problem glands naturally. Thyroid is one of the glands dealt with extensively in this seminar. All other key glands are discussed and explained. Our method for restoring underactive glands, and normalizing hyper ones is covered in easy-to-understand language.

3. ENERGY, BLOOD SUGAR, ADRENAL HEALTH, and the Zone: You learn about today’s most crucial area of health. The number one causes of death (heart attack and stroke) are put in perspective. Like most people, you may not know the interaction between your diet, your energy system and arterial plaque. Your adrenals and the cause of inflammatory illnesses, pain syndromes, hypoglycemia and fatigue are simply explained. The pancreas, liver and adrenals are explained here. The fascinating interrelationships between your energy system and many non-responding illnesses are laid out for you. You could spend hundreds of hours cruising the web, and not be able to locate and integrate the information contained in this presentation. It is essential for diabetics, hypoglycemics, chronic fatigue patients, and many patients tormented by unresolving pain. It is essential for most headache sufferers. This seminar has been a life saver for thousands, and is our most checked out video.

4. THE ZONE MADE EASY AND BEYOND THE ZONE: Dr. Pangelinan explains the truth about food, what to eat, how, how much, and when is an easy common-sense no-deprivation method. Weight loss, energy, and adrenal and blood sugar balance are understood through their relationships to how you eat. You learn the importance of understanding insulin and how to personally control it. The way to avoid heart attack is laid out here in relation to how you eat. It covers understanding the use and role of proteins, carbohydrates and oils (fats). It simplifies the method of “The Zone”. It is really part 2 of the prior seminar, with its main focus on how to eat.

5. INJURIES, EXTREMITIES AND HEALING: We cover the most advanced methods in correcting new or chronic injuries. Pain, numbness, weakness, limited use and restricted motion are all explained. “Soft tissue injuries are made clearly understood, so that you can help yourself heal.
Dr. Pangelinan covers new injuries, as well as chronic pain and arthritic joints. Methods for you to help yourself, natural and other first aid, exercise and nutritional advances are all carefully explained. Extremities: knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists and carpal tunnel syndrome are covered here. The role of chiropractic, therapies, nutrition and exercise are made yours.

6. SUPERIOR NUTRITION: This seminar teaches you how to use nutrition and supplements. The entire digestive system is covered, including stomach and colon problems and how we cure even difficult (and recommended for surgery) digestive illnesses. We teach you the health of the mouth and gums, including a revolutionary way to reverse and cure gum disease without surgery. The colon, and colitis and Krohn’s disease are explained. You can use nutrition as your best medicine. Dr. Pangelinan teaches you how, with practical and specific pointers.

7. NUTRITIONAL MEDICINE: Dr. Pangelinan follows up the previous seminar, explaining the use of specific nutrients to cure many of the most common complaints patients want to handle. Pain, “getting sick” (colds and flus), and dozens of other common conditions and illnesses are explained for you with specific nutritional recommendations. If you want to know how to take care of your body, you want to know everything in this seminar.

8. LONGEVITY: STAYING YOUNG, STRONG HEALTHY AND HAPPY: You get to view a comprehensive program to aging most gracefully and well. You will view an integrated approach to anti-aging.

9. MUSICIANS' HANDS: Dr. Pangelinan covers an area he is world-renowned for. The methods of saving musicians’ careers is laid out completely and understandably. Pain, weakness, numbness, malfunctioning bodies of instrumentalists are explained and demonstrated. You can learn how to not be a victim of problems that hamper your playing and creativity. Every musician who watches this seminar is amazed by learning the essentials they didn't’t know before. This is a true life-saver for musicians of all types.

10. HOW TO KEEP YOUR BACK HAPPY: You learn the things necessary to keep your spine and back in excellent shape. Many people suffer from spinal degeneration, “arthritis” when they age. It ruins their ability to enjoy an active and smiling life. As more of us live past our 70's, even beyond 80's, the "small" aggravating pains of our 20's, 30's and 40's become the degenerative nightmares of a decayed spine late in life. We think we know what to do about tooth decay, but most don’t know how to prevent or correct spine decay! If you have a “bad back”, neck or arthritis, you need to know this information.

11. PREGNANCY AND CHILDREN'S HEALTH: Dr. Pangelinan shares his time tested insights on mothers’ needs. As the natural health provider to numerous pregnant women, infants and children, as well as to the president of the American Midwifery Assn., and with years of experience, Dr. Pangelinan details advanced techniques to optimize the experience of pregnancy. He explains a little known method to make delivery easier, less protracted and less painful. Many mothers have said that after having used the “perineal floor technique” they would never have a child without it. He explains real methods to raise children without unnecessary drugs. This class has been acclaimed by mothers as a unique and invaluable educational experience.

12. DANCERS' HEALTH: You the dancer learn ways to rapidly fix hip, back, knee, foot, and other problems. Specific problems caused by dance are detailed and taught. A dancer’s dream.

13. VOCALISTS' HEALTH: Dr. Pangelinan teaches things you probably never learned from your class or voice coach. You learn specific techniques to improve range, clear raspy voices, improve lung capacity, and save your vocal cords. The techniques that get you into the studio or on stage with more notes in your range are laid forth. If you want to be the best you can, you’ll want to watch this video.

When you think about it, wouldn't’t the best idea be to learn what’s on the video that most closely relates to the situation you’d most like to conquer.`


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