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Each week patients come to us with problems. Problems that they know cannot be fixed. Many times they just embark on our way of treating them to humor us.After all,
this doctor has an attitude that he can fix something that all the GREAT EXPERTS have carefully informed them are incurable, uncorrectable, marginally treatable and certainly not fixable.
They have migraines, for which there is no cure, but only new and more expensive drugs to cover the pain, but the next one will occur as often as before, and the drugs only deal with the pain temporarily.

They have digestive disorders: hiatal hernias, acid reflux, colitis, that can be treated, that can be managed, but can not be eliminated. Medical facts! They have pain problems, damaged discs, torn cartilages, destroyed ligaments, surgeries that were “successful”, yet still they are in pain. Great doctors, surgeons, people with big institutions, lots of training and altitude have informed them sadly that they must “learn to live with the pain”. They have
nerve problems that have names, but alas, there is no effective treatment.

They have depresssion, which can be treated with medication, but unfortunately the medication is not a cure. They are informed if they quit the drug, they will probably be as bad as ever when it wears off. They have constipation, that can not really be understood, but is just something they will deal with somehow throughout life. They have high cholesterol, that the diet they were told to follow doesn’t correct, so the drug they are
prescribed can only temporarily lower the numbers, but not cure the problem or fix the cause.

They have blood sugar problems, are fatigued and cannot sustain their energy from one meal to the next.Nothing can be done. They are told they are just tired out or just getting old. And there are myriad other conditions with big and small names that are incurable. And yet, every week we have new success stories from patients who had incurable diseases and unfixable problems that are now GONE. What gives???? Somehow, these patients, and many others with well-informed certainty that there is no cure, get cured.

The answer is getting to the CAUSE of a problem, not contenting oneself with simply lessening the symptoms temporarily. The cause is something needed, actually
NEEDED for health that isn’t there or isn’t there enough. To fix the cause: SUPPLY WHAT IS NEEDED (such as a nutrient!). Or it is something INTERFERING with a flow or process that is necessary for health. Then to fix the cause of that problem: REMOVE THE
INTERFERENCE (such as a pinched nerve!) It may be an IRRITANT, a toxin or bug (such as bacteria or virus) that is causing health to be out of healthy balance. To fix that problem ensure that the body GETS RID OF THAT OVERLOAD on its system. It may be a body part that is RUN-DOWN, WORN-OUT, overtaxed, misused and abused and just plain shot. In that case to fix the cause, HELP THE BODY RE-BUILD, re-supply, and re-juvenate the worn out gland or organ.

Yet, think for a moment. When does the usual old approach of medicine supply a nutrient, something NEEDED? It doesn’t happen in the old medicine. When does the old way UNBLOCK an interference? That’s quite infrequent, isn’t it? When does the old way
DETOXIFY a body, or HELP ITS IMMUNE system, other than using an antibiotic? Not usual, is it? And when is a run-down organ helped to REBUILD? Not really ever, as
the concept somehow also isn’t in the old way of medicine.

So it is the NEW HEALTHCARE that asks the question: what is the cause of this problem, and how can I address it? Great and respected experts can honestly inform you that your problem cannot be fixed (by them). Yet the doctor who can correctly deal with the
cause of your problem, can honestly inform you that the condition you know so much about, may really be fixable.

That is the reason we have cured so many incurable diseases.

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