Here's Your Zone Program

Dr. Arlo Gordin


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This is the "Zone" eating method that has been customized to your exact specifications. This is the easiest way of bringing the Zone to people that has ever been designed.

The videotape and audiotape are to explain to you this method of balancing the proper amounts of protein, carbohydrate, and oils in your meals.

The Menu Plan provides you with prepared meal recipes that easily put you in the Zone. It tells you what amounts of food-types will keep you in the Zone balance.

The boxes of Bio-Zone Bars provide you with snack and meal replacement food bars that are Zone-balanced. They are fast, easy and convenient, as they store and carry easily. They are eaten with a glass of water. They are used when you are on the go, or unable to prepare or obtain a good meal. They are also used as blood-sugar balancing snacks, pre-workout nutrition, or for bedtime snacks.

This is a complete system for getting you on the Zone instantly and without hassle. Once you experience the benefits of this approach, you will probably find it worth continuing and easy to do so. Many of our patients have been so excited by the health changes they’ve experienced on the Zone, that they have gone out of their way to turn others on to it.

For those of you who may be interested in the business opportunity provided by the Envion company who provides these Zone services and products, you can call Alan and Marilyn Silverman. They are two of our patients who have experienced fabulous Zone-derived health and weight benefits, at (714) 493-7595.



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