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One of the specialized areas of our practice has been in the treatment of problems in the hands, wrists, arms, elbows, shoulders and neck. These can come as a single area of pain, numbness or weakness, or in combination with other areas. Our reputation in this area of health restoration is so great that many people with these problems travel from great distances to receive care from us. We get calls from people suffering with these problems from New York to Tokyo.

Millions of computer workers, musicians, mechanics, athletes, writers and professionals requiring careful and repetitive use of their hands or arms have had pain invade their lives. Sometimes it cripples their activities. Numbness, weakness or lack of control and endurance can also result.

Hands and arms are an integral part of living in both work and play. Factors in the onset of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Stress Injury, Tendinitis or related conditions can include lifestyle, dietary and glandular patterns, as well as injuries or overuse. Even your workout regime may turn out to be a culprit in aggravating your problem.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is where the bones of the wrist pinch the nerves passing through the wrist. Although surgery can be utilized for some of these disorders, it is an irreversible and radical choice of treatment, with uncertain results. Through advanced procedures in manual diagnosis of these problems, adapted from the most advanced methods employed for Olympic athletes, rapid and accurate diagnosis of these problems can be made. These techniques come from Applied Kinesiology, the chiropractic specialty that developed muscle-testing as a diagnostic method and from the Propriceptive Technique in which we specialize.

The neck is an important area to be analyzed and corrected in many hand and wrist conditions. Nerves leave the spine from the lower neck and then travel down the arm. Those nerves connect all the way down to wrist, hand, thumb and fingers. The lower neck is frequently injured in car accidents, falls and sports injuries, etc., causing pinched nerves that limit or wreck hand and wrist function.

It is quite common for hand, wrist or carpal-tunnel sufferers to also experience problems elsewhere (farther up) in the arm. A shoulder or elbow injury that was overlooked by the prior doctors, can be a key factor in these situations.

Our doctors’ legendary expertise in dealing with these problems is based on the detailed testing, adjustive and nutritional procedures researched and perfected here. We have brought relief and health to sufferers of these conditions, utilizing non-invasive and non-drug methods. Highly specific hands-on chiropractic correction combined with precise nutritional support is used to cause the healing of injured joints, ligaments and inflamed nerves. State-of-the-art electronic Acuscope therapy can be used to speed healing. Therapeutic exercise and other therapy methods may be needed to finalize the correction.

We have successfully returned to normal even the hands with failed carpal tunnel or arm surgeries. Before coming to us, many of our patients had prior medications, injections, braces, chiropractic treatment and physical therapies that were failures.

This is yet another area of health where the natural way is the best way.

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