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Bras and Breast Cancer

Every day in our practice there's some recital of the lament, "I'm just getting old." Although aging seems as inevitable as the advance of Time, the effects of it are surprisingly able to be more under your control than conventional "wisdom" dictates. I'd like to relate some telling examples to you.

A patient M. G. comes in complaining (among other problems) that his right knee always hurts if he walks, exercises or bends it much. His "regular" doctor said he was just getting old. I asked him if the left knee, which doesn't bother him, was any younger than the bad right one?!? The "bad" knee needed the hinge joint adjusted so it was working straight, and the cartilage (medial meniscus: the cartilage pad inside the knee joint) adjusted back into position. Now the right knee doesn't bother him anymore. Did it get younger?

My patient K. H. 51 years old tells me she's exhausted, frequently depressed, overweight and menopausal. She knows she's just getting old. We put her on a simple (and fun) nutritional program and adjusted her. No more depression, lots of energy, 30 lbs. lighter, and no longer in menopause. Are her glands younger?

A patient tells me her back is worsening, it can't be fixed, she's tried lots of therapy and treatment, and nothing lasts. She was told her spine is degenerating; she's just getting old. We found her exhausted adrenal glands, did the special 1-week New "Adrenal Wake-Up-Call" Nutritional Treatment and now her back is pain-free and staying that way. Is her spine younger? And why is my spine, which is older than hers not degenerated? Is there something more going on that determines how old you are and feel than just the passage of time?

My patient explains that his stomach isn't working, he has an ulcer, can barely enjoy eating anymore, has no energy, pain all over. He's really getting old!
Adjustment to the spine nerves and stomach (Hiatal Hernia: where the stomach traps part of itself in the diaphragm breathing muscle) and nutrition to heal the ulcer. No pain, eating perfectly, energy up, the long list of horrible complaints GONE! Is his stomach younger now? The answer is YES YES YES. In each case the aging that was taking place in the organs, joints and tissues was REVERSED. The tissue was made young and workable again by the body itself. It just needed some very accurate help to be able to do it.

We know that scientifically our bodies constantly repair and replace themselves. The cells are constantly rebuilding. Scientists explain that virtually every cell and organ we own is fully replaced in seven to ten years. But will the replacement be an improvement or a slide into a worsened state?

The passage of time alone is not the issue of health. It is the passage of time OVER AN UNCORRECTED PROBLEM that causes that area to worsen, spiraling down, down, down and resulting in the degeneration of tissue.

Can you imagine the pleasure the doctor and patient team derives when we turn the hands of time back? It's indescribably satisfying.




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