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Dr. Michael Pangelinan, DC

Dr. Michael Pangelinan, DC was a Matthias D'Souza fellow at St. Mary's College of Maryland where received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology.

He worked as a research associate in protein biochemistry and cellular biology at the National Cancer Institute in the National Institutes of Health. His lab researched mechanisms involved in growth factors for wound healing and was published in several prominent journals, most notably Science.

Dr. Pangelinan then worked as researcher for the renowned bio-tech company, Amgen, Inc. in Thousand Oaks, CA. His work there in the fields of molecular and cellular biology led to groundbreaking cloning research for the purpose of improving the healing of wounds. His research work was published in the scientific journal Cell.

Dr. Pangelinan graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic from Cleveland University in California. He worked afterwards treating patients in a sports medicine facility in the San Fernando Valley.

He joined the Universal City Medical Wellness Group, Inc. and currently functions as senior deliverer of natural therapeutics including a broad scope of therapy, nutrition, and lifestyle counseling. Dr. Pangelinan leads an active and dynamic life. In addition to his career in treating patients, Dr. Pangelinan has a 16 month old daughter and he and his wife are expecting their second child this February. He is a martial artist and also loves to scuba dive, surf, kite surf, and snow board.


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