Our Chiropractor, Dr. Xuan Diep

Dr. Xuan Diep, DC

Dr. Xuan Diep (pronounced Swan Depp) grew up in Southern California and was one of a select group of students to win a scholarship to the University Of
Southern California (USC) for his excellence in research and to be accepted to the accelerated six-year Pharmacy Doctorate program.

A serious car accident turned his world upside down. Neither of the drivers involved (he was a passenger) had insurance and consequently he did not seek medical attention immediately. His physical and mental capacity diminished and pain medication seemed the only relief for his back pain and insomnia.

A second car accident, this one covered by a strong insurance plan, got his attention. He received chiropractic care and an education about the intricate link between the body and the nervous system. With renewed hope and gratitude, he decided to commit his life to helping others through chiropractic.

He graduated from the highly reputed Life West Chiropractic College in San Francisco, known for producing some of the best chiropractic doctors on the west coast, worked at several chiropractic clinics, but didn't find his true inspiration until he discovered UCMG. Impressed by the thorough and holistic approach, he began rigorous training with Dr.Gordin, and is now a trusted doctor and member of the Universal City chiropractic team.

During off hours, you'll find Dr. Diep playing basketball and volleyball, reading at the Barnes and Noble bookstore in Pasadena, and watching football, basketball or baseball games with his friends.


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