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Dr. Rekar in a Consultation


Being new to the Southern California area, just arriving from the mid-eastern U.S., I needed a simple prescription refill. I found Universal City Medical Group on google and lucked into a conventional and holistic medical practice. I was hooked on the zen atmosphere in the office.

Then, when I twisted my ankle the group was a blessing. Working with Dr. Rekar and the Chiropractor, Dr. Dan Griffin, my recovery time was minimal.

Since then my daughter has been receiving both Dr. Rekar's excellent care and Dr. Dan's chiropractic services. Both have been attentive to her needs as a cerebal palsy patient for the past two years. She has been given relief from back pain and proactive care in the form of othotics support.

Thanks So Much.

- L.L & A.L.


I've had migraines for as long as I can remember. I was up to three per week. After two visits I've gone from three per week to NONE per week. Amazing! My energy level is way up as well.

- C.R.


After a short but vicious battle with my wetsuit, the final score was wetsuit 1, my neck 0. Not only was this the most painful experience of my life, but it also put into perspective the rather good health I had enjoyed thus far. With the help of you and his fabulous staff the condition was stabilized immediately. At this point the pain is entirely gone and I feel even better than the days prior to my wetsuit entanglement.

- K.W.

Dr. Rekar in a Consultation


When my hand was so bad I couldn't play - you fixed it faster than I could even believe.



I was a miserable teenager. I had so many problems! Health problems, emotional problems. I'd been to so many doctors, but nothing helped. My stomach always hurt, I wasn't digesting properly; my kidneys were infected every other month and I'd even been hospitalized for kidney infections.

I had skin problems, I was anemic and bruised easily, my periods were long and extremely painful, and I had debilitating headaches and migraines.

Plus my back always hurt and my neck was in pain too from a gymnastics injury. All of this was enough to make me severely depressed. I went into therapy and was put on prozac. The prozac just exaggerated my stomach problems. I couldn't eat or sleep and was very fidgety. It wasn't working. I was at a loss. All of this was holding me back in my personal relationships and in life in general. I walked into your office at the advice of a friend. I had never been to a Chiropractor before, so I was nervous. But everybody in your office was so kind and supportive and answered all my questions.

you put me on a nutrient program and the adjustments alleviated my physical pain. I am happy to say one year later that I am off the prozac, eating normally, no kidney infections for eleven months. I can workout and function normally. My periods are shorter and a lot less painful. I'm normal for once in my life. everybody notices the difference. Thanks to you I am so grateful and healthy!

- R.S.



Hi! My name is Chris Rigney. I'm 48 years old and a registered nurse.

I was experiencing night sweats, nervousness, hot flashes and palpitations, symptoms I'd been having for years.

I was sent to a medical doctor. An EKG was done and I was told that I had had a heart attack (!?) at some time and that there was evidence of heart tissue damage. (At no time did I ever recall having had a heart attack - an event I certainly wouldn't have missed.) Then I was sent to a medical doctor to get my hormones checked. This doctor diagnosed me as being pre-menopausal. I was started on hormone therapy but told that there was nothing to fully handle this "natural occurrence." The hormones would only lessen the symptoms.

As I progressed in this therapy, my energy level diminished. I experienced occasional bout of profound despair and began getting such severe headaches I resorted to over-the-counter pain medications such as Excedrin and Nuprin. I also sought help at a Chiropractor to no result. I was having trouble doing even the lightest work cycles as my joints would become very painful.

Finally, when I'd had a headache for two weeks straight and was ingesting more than the recommended doses of Excedrin to no avail, I went to see you at my husband's suggestion.

I was examined and put on supplements - the headache was gone. In two days my energy level increased. Within three days, all pre-menopausal symptoms were gone and I could do work cycles without experiencing pain. It was miraculous! You discovered the true source of these symptoms, primarily adrenal exhaustion and spinal misalignments (subluxations). He had gotten a product. I am active, happy, clear-thinking and sound-sleeping.




Until being treated at Universal City Medical Group I suffered from severe PMS, followed by a miserable period, awful cramps and skin break-outs. I was so irregular that sometimes I would go 40 days without having a period! Not only was I miserable, but I made anyone who had the misfortune to be near me miserable too! After three weeks of treatment and supplements, my cycle came so smoothly that it caught me by surprise.

No PMS, no pimples, no crying spells, no CRAMPS! I thank you and I'm sure that my husband thanks you too!

- A.B.


I was having very bad pain in my chest this morning and I went to a medical doctor to find out what the problem was. The medical doctor I saw gave me a brief examination and informed me that I was suffering from an inflamed/infected rib cage. She tried to persuade me to take pain killers and antibiotics. I informed her that I am opposed to taking drugs to solve problems and I left her office in the same condition as when I arrived.

A friend of mine suggested that I go to see her Chiropractor. I arrived at Universal City Medical Group this afternoon, still in pain. After a thorough examination he discovered that I had a rib out of place and he adjusted it back into place. The pain is already greatly diminished and I feel great! Thank you!

- K.R.


First off, I'd like to say I don't know where to start! I've seen about what seems like a bazillion doctors, orthopedic surgeons and other medical professionals. I've suffered back pain for a very long four years. I didn't know if I could continue without much hope for the future. I suffered whiplash a year ago from a rear-end collision and that didn't put much light at the end of the tunnel. I've had a doctor and a nurse tell me I was fine, there was nothing wrong!?!? A good friend of mine recommended you. I was hesitant because I didn't want to face another let down.

From the first visit I knew I came to the right place. I finally felt welcomed and listened to, there were real medical professionals here help me! I had breathing problems, rib pain, neck pain, headaches, sleeplessness and thought I would have to add insanity to the list.

Thank you. I'm sleeping and breathing better, no headaches, no pain, and I have at last the hope I've waited so long for. I now have a great outlook for the future, each day is better and better. It's wonderful to gain my life back again, it would have never happened if I did not come here.

I should also thank your staff who have been very nice and helpful.

- J.A.


Thank you for saving my life!

When I called you a few months ago, my blood sugar level was 225 (after 15 hours of fasting) and I had a substantial amount of sugar in my urine. Within one and a half months, your suggested diet and supplements reduced my blood sugar level to normal range with no sugar in my urine. Now, after three months, my sugar level is below 110 only three hours after meals, and my cholesterol level is in normal range for the first time in twenty years!

You sure know your stuff. The "Zone" diet is fantastic and thank you for educating me on it. This diet is a diet that I can keep indefinitely because it lets me eat healthy food at the correct proportions and keeps me full all day long, and I eat what I like to eat anyway. I am not sacrificing anything (except the ice cream every night). Your blood sugar lecture was very educational; everyone needs to live a healthy life.

Needless to say, I have upset some medical practitioners around here who "know" that you can not cure diabetes. I have a little ways to go yet and will continue with what I have been doing until my glands are totally restored. What a difference three months can make if one is on the right track. Thanks again for a well delivered service.

- J.E.

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