Curriculum Vitae








2007 Present North Ranch Chiropractic Center Westlake Village, CA



2000 2006 Alliance of Body and Mind, Inc. Gainesville, FL

Co-founder & Chiropractic Physician

n     Provide physical evaluations and treatment for individuals with a wide variety of healthcare needs: Spinal, Nutritional, Sports, Pediatric, Elder Care and PI.

n     BodyMind Evaluations and treatment NET (Neuro Emotional Technique)

n     Provide nutritional testing & counseling for individuals with organic, metabolic & musculoskeletal conditions & glandular therapy for endocrine disorders.

n     Provide Wellness Life-Style healthcare classes to patients, their families and community service organizations.

n     Florida Licensed Chiropractic Physician # CH003374 since May 1980.



1980 2000 Gainesville Chiropractic Clinic Gainesville, Fl.

Founder, Clinical Director & Owner

n     Employed & coordinated the practices of two associate chiropractors, one radiographic technician, one examination tech and 8 staff members.

n     Provided chiropractic care, physical therapy and nutritional counseling to patients

n     Provided rehabilitative exercise programs for injured patients.

n     Conducted in-house classes on health care.


Professional Education


1995 2009 300+ hours of nutritional training

1984 1987 Postgraduate Diplomat Program in Orthopedics

n     Sponsored by the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic

n     300 hours of training resulting in Board Eligibility Status

1975 1980 Los Angeles College of Chiropractic Los Angeles, CA

n     Doctorate of Chiropractic

n     Graduated Cum Laude

1968 1972 Acadia University Nova Scotia, Canada

n     Bachelor of Science

n     Major: Biology Minor: Biochemistry




n     I have been studying and utilizing Applied Kinesiology in my daily evaluation and treatment of patients for 20 years.

n     I am currently involved in self study regarding the field of Immunology and advanced medical nutritional therapies.

n     In 2000 I was trained in Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) which assists with the removal of physical and physiological effects created by

unresolved emotional blocks.

n     Studied 288 post graduate hours in 2006 2007 to reactivate my CA license.



n     I have conducted Applied Kinesiology seminars for Massage Therapists.

n     This course is registered with the state of Florida and provides 16 required CEUs, Continued Educational Units, for those therapists who attend.

n     Power Point Classes I developed for patients and community include:

Natural Pain Control: Chiropractic, Nutritional & Acupoint Reduction

Hypoglycemia ~ Diabetes & Energy Balance

Enhancing Immunity and Eliminating Allergies

Fatigue: The Adrenals, Stress and Excess Cortisol ~ Natural Solutions

Hormone Replacement Therapy ~ au Natural

Solving the Cholesterol Dilemma ~ Naturally

The Thyroid ~ Natural Solutions

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities ~ Treatment Choices

Energy Production Pathways within the Body

The Steroid Family ~ Oh What Fun

The Prostate: BPH and How to Naturally Normalize

Resolving Sleep Issues Naturally

Digestive Issues Removed: GERD, Gastric Reflux, IBS, etc.

Heavy Metal Toxicity Diagnosis and Elimination


PRACTICE SPECIALITIES ~ Nutritional/Glandular Solutions

Thyroid Disorders

Adrenal Fatigue

Menstrual Disorders

Menopause Without Medicine

Estrogen Dominance

Increased Energy Production

Neurotransmitter Production Naturally


     I enjoy the beach and swimming, playing racquetball, walking in mountains, listening to exceptional music and learning more.


     I am fascinated by the human body and enjoy being an avid reader of articles & books related to a variety of different medical

specialties, including immunology, endocrinology but especially nutritional therapeutics.